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Arts & Culture Committee

NSA Listening Party – Arts & Culture’s first CD!
Release Party! Tues 11/18, 6-10 pm


a compilation CD & online release*

*listen here: donate below


Brooklyn For Peace


Charity Case

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Suggested donation $2-$5;

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All proceeds support the peace and justice work of Brooklyn For Peace
For $30 you can become a BFP member in addition to receiving the CD

featuring the new single

we don’t want to live (in a surveillance state)

Featuring Songs From

charity case
(ft. moki marz)
chee malabar
dave lippman
gio safari
irka mateo
joe phillips experience project
john munnelly
raram de ny
raya brass band
veronica nunn
zap zap 4 ever

with 3 new music videos from
Charity Case:


we don’t want to live (in a surveillance state)

the only one




NSA Listening Party started with the writing of charity case’s song “the only one,” and with these lyrics:

                    they’ve got my calls and letters recorded since i was born

                    sometimes i say ‘hello’ or write them but they never write back

                    they’ve got all kinds of ways to make you think you’re the only one

                    and i won’t be the only one

We wondered: who else would join us in a musical reaction to the Snowden leaks and the beginning of the unmasking of the surveillance state?

With Brooklyn For Peace, we found 14 artists, all but 2 Brooklyn-based.

We wanted the content and attitude and perspective of the album to be true to Roger Waters’ promise: “If I’m in I’ll tell you / What’s behind the wall.” If you find out even an inkling of what’s happening, let everyone know.

Giosafari affirms the role of the artist in his song “Sing At the Top of Your Lungs”:

                    What’s the reason in the schools the arts are first to go?

                    Well, you know, it’s we the artists’ job always to show

                    the way things are; we artists must choose never to ignore

                    the violence, incompetence, injustice, endless war.

John Munnelly sings of the mental madness of being held back from knowledge:

                    Life today has too much dis-information

                    distract and distort from the ills in our nation

                    feel dis-empowered, have a sense of frustration

                    ‘bout things they don’t want us to know

Dave Lippman seems confident and hopefully not quixotic in his tribute “The Interdictedcalle”:

                    Arise ye pris’ners of surveillance

                    Arise phone callers of the earth

                    For Google swipes your information

                    Of privacy there is a dearth

And Spiritchild is on lyrical fire with “Surveillance Society (Free Tarek)”:

                    Beyond tap phones and emails.

                    Coded text red flags And details.

                    They don’t need that.

                    They’ll take your grandma if she utters the fact “something wrong” Handcuffs slap clap.

                    . . . . .

                    We good at letter writing we good at freedom fighting.

                    This song is my post card stamped delivered.

We can’t say how many musical genres are on this compilation: jazz, rock, pop, raram, folk, rap, hip-hop, balkan folk, traditional, antifolk, indie, psychedelic . . .

                    Hey Kids, what do you say?

                    We don’t want to live – in a surveillance state.





Where Available

Limited Edition CD available
suggested donation $2 – $5
to obtain a copy of the CD please email
artists [at] brooklynpeace dot org
if you cannot make a donation but want a copy
please contact us
or you can stream here
not all album tracks are available online
but the webpage has non-album:
outtakes music video links &.!

Newsletter – Arts & Culture News September 2014

Some excerpts from our monthly newsletter! Read the entire newsletter here and subscribe to keep up to date on all that’s happening with our Arts & Culture Committee.

what arts & culture is up to

Emily Mendelsohn an A&C member who is currently working on a new project in her own words: “I’m pleased to announce the launch of my Hatchfund fundraising campaign in support of upcoming US/Ugandan exchange and theater performance, Maria Kizito. We will be partnering with ArtSpot Productions to finish developing Erik Ehn’s play in New Orleans, performing November 14-16 and 21-23.


‘She’s a Palestinian’ is a collaboration between A&C member Charity Case and a myriad of photographers who made a music video for the song possible. Hundreds of pictures of protests and demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine.

Scheduled to be released in October, our compilation album is called NSA Listening Party and was conceived of and some of the songs composed in response to the Edward Snowden leaks and the culture of surveillance.

Look for our announcement of the release soon!

local news and A&C artists

Extreme Whether will run October 2-26 at Theater for the New City, along with a full Festival of Conscience. The play was written by Karen Maplede and produced by Theater Three Collaborative. A&C helped promote TTC’s last production, Another Life, and Malpede was a panelist in A&C Arts & Activism Forum 2013.

NYCity Council is considering a resolution supporting the union campaign to provide pension benefits for jazz musicians in the city’s major jazz clubs. Check out the campaign and sign the petition!

A&C favorite Gio Safari has just released Gio Safari Does NYC, self-described as being ‘the product of his struggle to make a name for himself and his work in the heart of empire.’ GS has a song on A&C upcoming compilation NSA Listening Party.

Another contributor to the A&C compilation, Irka Mateo, has released Vamo A Goza, a new single from her upcoming album. So good.

a&c news and beyond

Organic for the People is Al-Jazeera’s article about the farming project at United Community Centers, which A&C and BFP have worked with in the past. Good reading.

There’s so much more…..Get it all, read it all here!

she’s a palestinian – music & pictures in solidarity with palestine

anna calcutt
andrew courtney
bud korotzer
stacy lanyon
sainatee suarez
len tsou

song: she’s a palestinian
music by: charity case
inspired in part by: the palestinian people

thanks to Adalah-NY & photographers

Audio – WBAI spots from Arts & Culture

Arts & Activism Forum 2014:
Panel Discussion with: Brooke McGowen, Professor Louie, George Emilio Sanchez
June 16, 2014
The Commons, Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

ICU: Snowden Surveillance You Me
Panel Discussion with: Debra Sweet, Carl Dix, Faiza N. Ali
April 21, 2014
The Commons, Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Arts & Activism Forum 2013:
Panel Discussion with: Karen Malpede, Spiritchild, and Megan Trevino

June 13, 2013
The Commons, Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Who is Bradley Manning? An Evening with Chase Madar
January 25, 2012
WORD Bookstore, Greenpoint

Peace Fair 2012 – Ending War, Promoting Peace
w/ Jeremy Scahill, Capt. Paul Chappell
April 28, 2012
Brooklyn College, Student Center

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