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We are looking for all types of artists to be a part of our "activist work in progress", the Arts & Culture committee

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Arts & Culture Committee

FILM: Targeted Village, May 21


MAY 21

a film by
Chie Mikami

a message from
Asia Pacific Islanders Peoples Solidarity (APIPS)
a grassroots coalition in New York City

On Thursday, May 21, we will be holding a public event to screen
“Targeted Village,”
a documentary
about the village of Takae in Okinawa,
where the Japanese government plans to surround the village
with heliports for Ospreys flown by the US air force.

We will also hold a discussion with
someone who was involved in the production of the film,
and we hope the event will generate discussion on
strategies for advocacy to stop US base expansions in Okinawa.

THEATER: Emmett, Down in My Heart


until May 17

We wanted to share this special play with everyone. Here is the description:

Emmett, Down in My Heart takes the audience on a haunting journey into the landscape of race and violence in America. Historical text, music, and immersive staging interweave to tell the story of the horrific murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955 Mississippi. Till’s brutal lynching, the acquittal of his killers, and his mother’s insistence on an open casket exposed hidden truths of the Jim Crow South and stunned the world, striking a chord in the national conscience.

see here for more information

Nuclear Disarmament Artwork – April 26 March & Festival



Thanks for Brooke McGowen for creating this amazing work – and for carrying it in the march from Union Square to the UN on Sunday, April 26.

Such a wonderful and positive response to the macabre potentials of nuclear weapons and power.




And from Joel from the Arts & Culture Committee, these less wonderful but still great signs:






Contact us about participating in our campaign for media of all types about the topic of Nuclear Disarmament!

A&C’s April Newsletter is out!

Music, news, events, opportunities, and BAMN!

See it all here!


ART WANTED: A&C joins Peace Art Campaign: Art for Peace and Planet


As part of BFP Arts & Culture Committee’s
Peace Art Campaign
Takin It To The Streets,
we are asking you to participate with us in
Art for Peace and Planet!
Contribute your art work in the form of a poster or sign
to build a just, sustainable, and nuclear-free world!

We invite students and artists of all ages
to create art (in the form of a sign or poster) in our
Takin It To The Streets campaign,
to be a part of our contingent in the March on
Sunday, April 26. We want our
contingent to be beautiful, uplifting,
and also to bring our message to the world
which will be watching!

Plan to join us at Union Square at 1 pm, on Sunday April 26,
and march with us to the United Nations,
where we will have a table at the Festival.
Art work will be displayed in and around our table,
and photographed for posting on our website.
All participants will receive a peace button and a
certificate of participation.
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Our mission is to bring together cultural workers and artists working in all media and performance arts with the focus on contributing to building the peace and justice movement in Brooklyn.
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