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A&C newsletter preview: LOCAL

Here’s a preview of items appearing in A&C’s upcoming March newsletter. (If you’re not signed up for it email us: artists [at] brooklynpeace dot org).


Interference Archive is a Brooklyn collective that ‘explores the relationship between cultural production and social movements.’ Check out their events page for upcoming dates.

‘The 2nd AfroLatin@ Shorts Festival will screen a series of short films representing various perspectives on Afro-Descendants across Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Each film will be introduced and the event will conclude with an audience Q & A.’ The festival is held March 13, in Manhattan.

Brooklyn Movement Center has put out this call to Brooklyn residents: ‘We’re asking Central Brooklynites to come together under a new Police Accountability Working (PAW) Group similar to BMC’s education, anti-street harassment and food sovereignty action teams. The mission of PAW is to design and lead strategies and campaigns that ensure public safety through policy action, communications, political education and self-defense trainings.’

A&C favorite Irka Mateo is currently playing shows in the Dominican Republic, so if you happen that way check her out!

A&C January Newsletter- Out!!!

Catch up on what’s happening! A&C Newsletter!!!!! Arts & Culture events, opportunities, news, and the Greenpoint Oil Spill.


NSA Listening Party! – Arts & Culture’s First CD!

That’s right! Arts & Culture recently release a compilation CD! NSA Listening Party! An art in the community project presented by Charity Case and Brooklyn For Peace.

1.nsa_COVER_440 This album was inspired by the Edward Snowden leaks. It features 14 wonderful artists, 12 who are based right here in Brooklyn.

The concept of the CD is around the idea that the NSA was or at least could be listening, so why not give them something to listen to. Let’s make it a party! Are they monitoring…our conversations, communications, locations, gyrations and good vibrations? Then turn up the monitor!!!!!

If you don’t have a copy, you need to get this Limited Edition now. There are a few ways you can do this.

Become a member of Brooklyn For Peace at the $30 level we will send you a copy or

Email us and for a small donation (suggested $2-5), we will send one to you. (In instructions to merchant box, indicate that this donation is for the CD). Click here to donate.

All proceeds support the peace and justice work of Brooklyn For Peace.

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Jan 30, 2015 – An Evening with Poet Jan Clausen
& Musician John O’Connor

Our 4th Annual WORD bookstore event!

Come out this Friday, January 30 from 6:30–8:15 pm to WORD Bookstore and spend an evening with Poet Jan Clausen and Musician John O’Connor.

posted January 12, 2015


Join us on Friday, January 30 at 6:30 pm, as the Arts and Culture Committee sponsors our 4th collaboration with WORD Bookstore to present to you a reading by poet and writer, Jan Clausen,  reading from her new book: Veiled Spill: A Sequence.

We are delighted to have Professor Clausen back.  Back in January 2012, we had the honor to have Professor Jan Clausen participate in an event titled “The WORD On Peace” which was also held at WORD Bookstore. The event brought together artists, writers and musicians with the Greenpoint community – both those interested in peace and justice, and those interested in books and culture.

The event will feature Professor Clausen reading from her new book, Veiled Spill: A Sequence, and talking about her work as an artist and activist from the environmental movement to Occupy Wall Street; followed by a Q&A. Musician John O’Connor will also perform.

About Professor Jan Clausen
Jan Clausen has been a resident of Brooklyn since the 1970s, and is the author of a dozen books in a range of genres, including Veiled Spill: A Sequence, from GenPop Books (2014). Other recent poetry collections are From a Glass House and If You Like Difficulty. Prose titles include the story collection Mother, Sister, Daughter, Lover; the novels Sinking, Stealing and The Prosperine Papers; and the memoir Apples and Oranges: My Journey Through Sexual Identity.

Clausen’s poetry and creative prose are widely published in journals and anthologies; her book reviews and literary journalism have appeared in Boston Review, Ms., The Nation, Poets & Writers, and The Women’s Review of Books.  Jan Clausen is the recipient of writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts  Jan has taught for many years in the undergraduate creative writing program at Eugene Lang College, the New School. Currently she teaches in the Goddard College MFA in Writing Program and at New York University.

About the Book
Poetry – Veiled Spill: A Sequence by Jan Clausen. Begun as a response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster and European laws banning the full face veil. Veiled Spill unfolds a meditation on the links and gaps between interior glimpses and sprawling histories, between the beauty of the moment and the terror of the plot.


We will also excited to have  with us musician, poet and activist John O’Connor. He will be performing some songs from his CDs.

About John O’Connor

John O’Connor began his involvement in the labor movement right out of high school when he went to work in the factories of Waterloo, Iowa. An interest in folk music and Woody Guthrie led to a 30-year career as a folk singer and a cultural educator, performing in concerts, coffeehouses, schools and colleges, union education programs and political action events.

O’Connor began sending out his emotionally-charged poems in 1999 to the world of literary journals. Since then he has seen his work published in dozens of lit magazines, such as Indiana Review, Cold Mountain, Rattle, Sycamore Review, St. Ann’s Review, Columbia: A Journal of Literature, MARGIE, DoubleTake and Baltimore Review. He has won the Associated Writer’s Program’s Prague Prize and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

About WORD Bookstore

WORD is a neighborhood independent bookstores with locations in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Jersey City. Read more

When: Friday, January 30, 2015
Time: 6:30 pm -8:15 pm

Where: WORD Bookstore,
126 Franklin Street, corner of Milton (near the Greenpoint Ave G train stop in Brooklyn).
Brooklyn, NY 11222
718-383-0096 •

There will be refreshments and snacks. Free and all are welcome.

Note: This event is not wheelchair accessible.

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NSA Listening Party – Arts & Culture’s first CD!
Release Party! Tues 11/18, 6-10 pm


a compilation CD & online release*

*listen here: donate below


Brooklyn For Peace


Charity Case

Click here to donate

Suggested donation $2-$5;

In instructions to merchant box, indicate that this donation is for the CD

All proceeds support the peace and justice work of Brooklyn For Peace
For $30 you can become a BFP member in addition to receiving the CD

featuring the new single

we don’t want to live (in a surveillance state)

Featuring Songs From

charity case
(ft. moki marz)
chee malabar
dave lippman
gio safari
irka mateo
joe phillips experience project
john munnelly
raram de ny
raya brass band
veronica nunn
zap zap 4 ever

with 3 new music videos from
Charity Case:


we don’t want to live (in a surveillance state)

the only one




NSA Listening Party started with the writing of charity case’s song “the only one,” and with these lyrics:

                    they’ve got my calls and letters recorded since i was born

                    sometimes i say ‘hello’ or write them but they never write back

                    they’ve got all kinds of ways to make you think you’re the only one

                    and i won’t be the only one

We wondered: who else would join us in a musical reaction to the Snowden leaks and the beginning of the unmasking of the surveillance state?

With Brooklyn For Peace, we found 14 artists, all but 2 Brooklyn-based.

We wanted the content and attitude and perspective of the album to be true to Roger Waters’ promise: “If I’m in I’ll tell you / What’s behind the wall.” If you find out even an inkling of what’s happening, let everyone know.

Giosafari affirms the role of the artist in his song “Sing At the Top of Your Lungs”:

                    What’s the reason in the schools the arts are first to go?

                    Well, you know, it’s we the artists’ job always to show

                    the way things are; we artists must choose never to ignore

                    the violence, incompetence, injustice, endless war.

John Munnelly sings of the mental madness of being held back from knowledge:

                    Life today has too much dis-information

                    distract and distort from the ills in our nation

                    feel dis-empowered, have a sense of frustration

                    ‘bout things they don’t want us to know

Dave Lippman seems confident and hopefully not quixotic in his tribute “The Interdictedcalle”:

                    Arise ye pris’ners of surveillance

                    Arise phone callers of the earth

                    For Google swipes your information

                    Of privacy there is a dearth

And Spiritchild is on lyrical fire with “Surveillance Society (Free Tarek)”:

                    Beyond tap phones and emails.

                    Coded text red flags And details.

                    They don’t need that.

                    They’ll take your grandma if she utters the fact “something wrong” Handcuffs slap clap.

                    . . . . .

                    We good at letter writing we good at freedom fighting.

                    This song is my post card stamped delivered.

We can’t say how many musical genres are on this compilation: jazz, rock, pop, raram, folk, rap, hip-hop, balkan folk, traditional, antifolk, indie, psychedelic . . .

                    Hey Kids, what do you say?

                    We don’t want to live – in a surveillance state.





Where Available

Limited Edition CD available
suggested donation $2 – $5
to obtain a copy of the CD please email
artists [at] brooklynpeace dot org
if you cannot make a donation but want a copy
please contact us
or you can stream here
not all album tracks are available online
but the webpage has non-album:
outtakes music video links &.!

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