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Arts & Culture Committee

Sunday NY Times Article by Angelica Rogers

ny times article on lynch flag

Dread Scott’s banner, outside the Jack Shainman Gallery in Manhattan, is a reference to recent killings of black men by the police and was inspired by a flag that the N.A.A.C.P. flew on Fifth Avenue in 1936 in response to a lynching. From left, Chris McCormick, Seun Aladese and Gugu Lethu with the work before the gallery’s landlord demanded it be removed. Credit Santiago Mejia/The New York Times     

Provocative art, how effective is it for awakening alternative perceptions of the world?

Read Full Article: Does This Flag Make You Flinch? by Angelica Rogers Sunday Review print edition NY Times July 17, 2016  


short fiction from A&C member

cover_razed copyfrom A&C member jc:
the day they razed our town 

Sixteen short stories from the USA about
Chelsea Manning
MOVE, Philadelphia, 1985
gentrification, living in/causing
dentistry with Jesus!
wreckin towns: Kurdistan to NYC
doggie daycare
first loves coming and going
watching your alma mater wrecking balled
Guantanamo Bay & Bagram!
driving, sober/not
extraordinary rendition, commission, emission

Irka Mateo: new & live music in NYC


A&C favorite Irka Mateo‘s new single Palenquera has been released, a song honoring the African-descended women of Colombia who worked for the abolition of slavery. One of the most interesting, exciting and fun musicians in NYC.

Irka is playing several NYC shows this summer: July 3, and in LA Sept. 16.

media: articles & literature

Frantz Derenoncourt, Jr. ‘s new book: Haiti: The First Black Republic is an historical work on the history, struggles, and subsequent victory of the Haitian people, ages 7-up.

Stereo Williams‘ 2015 article ‘Real talk on race: Adele’s talent shouldn’t blind anyone to her privilege‘ – always worth reading pieces like this again.

Autistic Hoya‘s Abelism/Language post is a glossary whose ‘primary purpose is to serve as a reference for anyone interested in learning about linguistic microaggressions and everyday, casual ableism.

Great interview with Mike Ford about the birthplace of hip hop and architecture: ‘When I bring up hip hop and architecture, most people say they are two totally unrelated things and shouldn’t be talked about in the same space. But people really need to understand that architects create more than just bricks and mortar; we create incubators of culture. So, if we don’t take the time to understand the people we’re building for, we’ll create something that, 40 years from now, will make people hate that culture and will try to wash their hands of it.’ 

events & media in NYC and beyond

The Many Worlds of Black New York is a study conference held July 11-15 in New York City by the Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University.

New issue of Decolonization.

Great article from Lacino Hamilton about street organizations: ‘Seen as nothing but self-destructive by most of society, street organizations are nevertheless creative in the sense that they are not passive targets of the destructive forces which act upon them. … However, we must understand that throughout history, when street organizations manifest as destructive forces, it is because they are embodying the worldview, cultural structures and violence of the larger oppressive society that makes their existence necessary’

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