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JAN 29, Thurs, 5:45 pm: Deliver Report Card to Rep Hakeem Jeffries

Although Jeffries is one of the most progressive members of Congress when it comes to domestic issues, on foreign policy issues he has been the opposite.On December 2nd, 2014, he voted FOR the $535 billion military budget also known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA.)  He was the only Democratic Brooklyn Congressperson to do so.  Also, he is the only Brooklyn Congressperson who has NOT been publicly supportive of Obama’s diplomatic efforts to reach an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program.

Jeffries will be delivering his State of the District Address on Thursday, January 29 at 6:30 pm at Long Island University (LIU) (Paramount Theater, 1 University Plaza at Flatbush & DeKalb, downtown Brooklyn. He has invited the community.

Please join Brooklyn For Peace and Fort Greene Peace at 5:45 pm to deliver his Report Card.
(E-mail us at for exact meeting spot.)
Especially if you’re in Jeffries’ district, join us inside at the event to urge him to be a voice for peace and justice.
E-mail us at for exact meeting spot.  RSVP to Jeffries’ office is required.

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JAN. 29, THURS, 7-9 pm: Stopping Police Murder: The Future of the Black Lives Matter Movement


With Speakers:

Brian Jones - Educator and Activist; Green Party Lieutenant Governor Candidate.

Dennis Flores – Founder of El Grito de Sunset Park, a police watchdog group that speaks out against police brutality.

Cid Nichols – Millions March NYC, initiated the massive 12/13 Black Lives Matter Demonstration.

WHEN: Thursday January 29 7-9 pm

WHERE: Brooklyn Friends Meeting House – 110 Schermerhorn Street – 2,3,4,5 Borough Hall, R Court Street, A,C,F Jay Street

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JAN. 30, FRI., 6:30 to 8:15 pm: An Evening with Jan Clausen (Poet); Music by John O’Connor
4th Annual WORD Event

An Evening with Jan Clausen – 4th Annual WORD Event

Poet Jan Clausen will read from her new book Veiled Spill: A Sequence, and talk about her work as an artist and activist from the environmental movement to Occupy Wall Street; followed by a Q&A.

Musician John O’Connor will perform.

WHEN: Friday, January 30 from 6:30 to 8:15 pm

WHERE: WORD Bookstore, 126 Franklin St,(corner of Milton), Greenpoint
Train: G to Greenpoint Ave
See a Map

On Facebook. Invite your friends! Free and open to the public!
Space is limited. Unfortunately, this venue is not wheelchair accessible.
Refreshments provided (donation by The Garden)

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FEB 2, MON, 6:00–7:00 pm: Vigil outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC)
End abuses of human rights and civil liberties in “War on Terror” cases, often against Muslims

End abuses of human rights and civil liberties in “War on Terror” cases, often against Muslims.
“No Separate Justice!”.  The mission of the No Separate Justice campaign is to highlight the gross abuses of the “war on terror” which have taken place in prisons and courtrooms across the United States. The purpose of the monthly vigils is to keep these injustices before our eyes.

No Separate Justice! campaign is a coalition of community groups, academics, family members and human rights and civil liberties organizations including Amnesty International USA, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-New York, and Educators for Civil Liberties. Brooklyn For Peace supports and endorses this campaign. “No Separate Justice” exposes and works to end a pattern of human rights and civil liberties abuses in “War on Terror” cases in the U.S. criminal justice system. Many of these cases are against Muslims or people associated with Muslim groups.

Monday Feb 2, 2015: Updates on a number of recent developments, campaigns, and cases including:
–Amnesty International’s petition asking for UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, to be allowed access into US “supermax” prisons including state and federal facilities where people are held in pre-trial solitary confinement (like the MCC);
–The US Torture Report and a historical overview of torture – on the federal, state, and city level – in the United States;
–Reflections on the Obama Administration’s now six-year promise to close Guantanamo;
–An update on the treatment and trials of British extradite Abu Hamza Al-Masri who has been held at MCC for the past three years and who has numerous physical ailments including no hands and waining eyesight.
–The oral arguments presented on January 13 in Hassan v. the City of New York, a federal case against the NYPD’s targeting and surveillance of Muslim communities in New Jersey

Where: 150 Park Row (corner Pearl St.), lower Manhattan near City Hall (across street from Metropolitan Correctional Center)
Directions: See a map
Train: 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall; J/Z to Chambers St/Centre St. Walk up Centre Street to Foley Square and look for Pearl Street which is in between the two huge federal courthouses on Foley Square. Walk down Pearl Street one block to where it dead ends on Park Row. Vigil takes place on the corner across from the entrance to MCC.

See it on Facebook.
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Have you called yet? If not, do it TODAY!! No Bombing! No War!
Call Congress

Pick up the phone!! 

No Bombing! No War! National Call-in Day

Capitol Hill Switchboard: 877-429-0678 (toll-free number)  

President Obama has announced that he was sending another 1500 troops to Iraq, and would be calling on Congress to issue a new “authorization for the use of force” against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
He is asking as well for $5.6 billion to pay for this new war.

The Brooklyn Representatives have repeatedly voted for antiwar positions, but strong pressure will be on them now to vote for this authorization.  Both they and our Senators need to hear from their constituents that this new war is another tragic mistake.

Call your Representative, as well as Senators Schumer and Gillibrand

Toll-free number 877-429-0678 (provided by Friends Committee on National Legislation)

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No Weaponized and Surveillance Drones in NYC!!

Lets Say NO!! to Weaponized and Surveillance Drones in NYC.
E-mail to receive information on how you can participate in campaign to get NYC Council to vote against bringing drones into NYC.

Check out KnowDrones and Granny Peace Brigade  for info on drones, especially in NYC.

In an article in the May 20 edition of the New York Daily News, reporter Tina Moore comments on William Bratton’s support for the concept of drones in the following way: “Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the unmanned machines equipped with cameras and tiny microphones could help spy on crime hotspots–like housing projects, where shootings are up about 32% this year.”

Although it’s unlikely that Bratton was naive enough to utter those exact words, it is probable that spying on the citizenry of New York is indeed what he intends to do. His exact words were, “Myself, I’m supportive of the concept of drones, not only for police but for public safety in general . . . It’s something that we actively keep looking at and stay aware of.”

With this warning ringing in our ears, we’re heading for 125th Street to alert the citizenry that drones will be coming–if not tomorrow, certainly within a few years.


Action Alert: End JROTC in public high schools!
Support Councilmember Dromm, speaking out to end JROTC!

Responding to our campaign to end JROTC programs in NYC public high schools, Council Member Daniel Dromm, Chair of the Committee on Education, is currently speaking out for a re-allocation of funds from the JROTC program to needed teacher, student, alternative school and guidance programs, according to recent article in the NY Post.

It’s important that Councilmember Dromm hear from us NOW. Please write a short note to thank him for his commitment on this issue, and for his strong public voice to eliminate funding for this program. 2 0r 3 sentences will be very much appreciated.  Let him know what you feel about this military program. You can  choose one point that especially concerns you from the talking points below. E-mail to
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POSTPONED TO JAN 21: Rally to Celebrate NY Fracking Ban!!
Join the bus to Albany for Governor’s Cuomo’s State of State Address



On Wednesday January 7th join us in Albany to celebrate an incredible victory for science, public health, the environment, and our movement!
Thank Governor Cuomo, and let him know we deeply appreciate his decision which is of immense impotance to the whole nation and the opportunities ahead for renewable energy!

When: Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RALLY: 11:30 am – 12:30pm

Where (INDOORS): Concourse Hallways, outside the entrance to the Convention Center, Empire Plaza, Albany, NY
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No More Hiroshimas! No More Nagasakis! No More Fukushimas!

Did you know??
In March 2013, Norway hosted a conference in Oslo on the Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons, with 127 governments in attendance. The US boycotted this conference! A follow-on conference is scheduled in Mexico in early 2014. The U.S. has not committed to attending.

In May 2013, a new United Nations working group began meeting in Geneva “to develop proposals to take forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations for the achievement and maintenance of a world without nuclear weapons.”  The first ever UN High-Level Meeting on Nuclear Disarmament will take place on September 26, 2013,  in New York.  But, the US is refusing to participate in the UN Disarmament Working Group, and has been silent on the September meeting.

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We Will Not Be Silent Shirts For Purchase!
Share your message with the world.

WE WILL NOT BE SILENT! Wear your message on your chest!

WE WILL NOT BE SILENT is an artist/activist collective that has worked together since 2006. Through the creative use of language embodied on shirts and at times emboldened on signs held up in public spaces, WE WILL NOT BE SILENT responds to current social justice issues, encouraging creative direct public actions, where many people can participate.

Check out the text you want to wear!

Choose from these and other collections: Reclaim; Greed Kills; Peace with Iran; Palestine; Tibet; Toward Liberation; and more.

Purchase your T-shirt on line at this link:
You’ll be spreading the word while supporting the work of this energetic and important group.

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Every Thursday, 5:30-6:30 pm:
Vigil: “Women in Black”: Justice for Palestine

Every Thursday, 5:30–6:30 pm (weather permitting)

Join the Women in Black Vigil Union Square (on the little traffic island at 14th St & Broadway)
Express your outrage at the continuing siege as well as the U.S. policy toward Israel-Palestine that allows the blockade to continue.
Both women and men are welcome to participate. Learn more about the Women in Black Vigil.

E-mail for local contact information for New York Women in Black

Every THURSDAY, 4:30–6:00 pm: Free, Ongoing Self-Defense Classes for Teens and Transyouth Age 12–19

The Center for Anti-Violence Education offers an ongoing, free self-defense class on Thursdays  for teen women and transyouth aged 12-19. The classes are held at CAE, 327 7th St (at 5th Ave), 2nd floor in Brooklyn. 4:30–6:00 pm.

FREE: PACT (Power Action Change for Teens)
For Teen Women & Transyouth ages 12-19
Thursdays, 4:30-6:00 pm
This class follows the school calendar. Ongoing enrollment.
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